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  Obtaining a Commercial License for the Genome Browser

A license is required for commercial download and/or installation of the Genome Browser binaries and source code. No license is needed for academic, nonprofit, and personal use. The data displayed by the browser is freely available for both public and commercial use with a few exceptions. The README.txt file in the download directory of each assembly shows the use restrictions pertaining to that data set.

To purchase a license:

  • Read and sign the licensing agreement.
  • Email a signed copy of the license agreement to William Hale, Office for IP Management: whale3@ucsc.edu.
  • Follow the instructions in the license agreement for submitting the signed original copy and payment.

After your license application has been processed, you will receive instructions for downloading the browser software and data. CDs are also available upon request.

Genome Browser licensing inquiries should be made to genome-www@soe.ucsc.edu. For information about commercial licensing of Blat, see the Kent Informatics website or contact kent@soe.ucsc.edu.